PalsInMotion - Share your running, cycling, skiing etc. Live with GPS

PalsInMotion - Workout and compete in running, cycling, walking and cross-country skiing, with GPS

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Compete against others, or challenge yourself!
Race or workout in real time wherever you are, thanks to the GPS on every smartphone.

You’ll get started fast. You create an Event by choosing running, cycling, walking or cross-country skiing. Then add the distance. Maybe a long run, or a high-intensity short run? You can also give your race/workout a name before you decide when it starts.


Add events and invite your friends to participate different activities that you like to perform together.


Follow your friends in event activities and get real-time updates of their progress against you.


Get visual and voice feedback of you and your friend, listen to your favorite music during activities.

This is super easy

Have fun, inspire and motivate

Follow your friends in real-time. If you are in same race you can keep track of each others progress even if you get apart. You will hear and see the difference in distance from you and your friends.

Clear and easy design

The design is made easy and yet you have several possibilities, like voice feedback intervalls that can be used to have basic intervall training.

Statistics of you and your friends

Real-time updates of friends

When you finish an activity you can still see your friends progress.

Historical Events and Activities

You can keep track of historical events you participated in and see participant lists.

More nice and cool features


See your upcoming and
completed events and the
details of each event

You can set voice feedback

interval distance or time. Voice
intervalls can be used as a basic
intervall training method. Set
updates and use as start, stop
and rest sets

Flexible settings

Set activity goals and choose
between manual or automatic
start of event activities

App works in background mode

so you can listen to favorite
music and more… at same time
activity is on going

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