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This privacy policy aims to inform you about
– how CalTec IT Consulting AB (in continuation “CalTec or We) process information about you,
– when CaITec processes personal information about you,
– what personal information CaITec handles about you and for what purposes, as well as
– What rights you have as registered.

The policy applies when using the PalsInMotion and Palinmotion applications (hereinafter referred to as Application) for mobile devices, as well as the and (hereinafter referred to as the Site) website, when you contact CaITec, agree to the processing of personal data and when you enter or complete an agreement with CaITec.

Contact information and information about the data controller

CaITec IT Consulting AB with organization number 556830-7887 is the data controller and is responsible for the personal data processed by you as above. CaITec’s seat is Box 2008, 151 02 Södertälje, Sweden and can be contacted by e-mail at

If you have any questions about how we process your personal information or else have questions about our routines, please contact our data protection officer at

About the Site and Application

What does the Application do?

The application is used to store, share and analyze various physical exercise activities based on social and site-based information that enables you as a user to send invitations to attend exercise activities and events.
You can share and follow other people’s exercise activities and contests as planned, when performed in close real-time or ex-post according to their own choices. You can share your exercise activities within the Application as well as outside it in different social media according to your own actions and wishes.

What does the Site do?

The Site is a support for application users to find tips and inspiration to make full use of the application’s full potential. It is possible to add comments to the posts that are published, but they are shown only to our own staff and are not public.

Why do we process personal information about you?

We process personal information that is necessary to
– so you will be able to register, create an account and use the Application
– check your identity,
– answer incoming questions or requests from you,
– conclude and complete agreements,
– Provide you with a relevant and tailor-made experience when using the Application,
– give you the opportunity to share your progress on events and exercise activities with other users.
– collect and analyze behaviors and patterns that help us to further develop our services,
– Provide you with important information and necessary messages as well
– Offer existing or new services as well as provide you with promotional offers.

What types of personal data do we process?

In order to register, create an account and use the Application, we need to process personal information about you.
Our starting point is to process as few personal data as possible about you. Therefore, we do not collect more personal information than we need to achieve the purposes described above.
Some personal information you need to provide if you want to register an account and use the Application. Apart from these tasks, you decide which personal data you want to share with us and other users.

What kind of information does the Website and Application collect from you and how is it used?

The website automatically collects personal information about you such as your ip address, mobile browser, and country of origin when you visit it.
The website process this information in order to analyze your behavior using the website in order to provide information how to improve the website. the information is also processed in order analyze and prevent security threats.


The application collects personal information about you when registering an account and thereby provides us with information, but it also collects certain information automatically when using the Application.


When registering an account, you need to provide login name, email address, username and password. This information is required to start using the application Palsinmotion, but not for Palinmotion. If you like, you can post a profile picture to yourself, but it is not a requirement to use the Application.


If you register yourself by Facebook, the following information is collected


-Surname – For use in your profile and search if you are public profile

-Last name – For use in your profile and search if you are public profile

-Profile picture – For use in your profile

-E-mail address – used to send important information from us to you

-Tokens, used for password

-Marker search_me,  used for public or private profile

-speech_pitch, used for the pitch of the voice coach

-speech_speed, used for how fast voice coach voice is

-time_intervall , used for time setting for how often the voice coach give feedback

-distance_intervall, used for distance setting for how often the voice coach give feedback


If you do not register by Facebook, the following information will be collected

-Tokens, used for password

-User name, used for login to the application

-E-mail address, used send important information from us to you

– Marker search_me, used for public or private profile

-Speech_pitch, used for setting the pitch of the voice coach

-Speech_speed, used for how fast voice coach voice is

-time_intervall, time setting used for how often the voice coach give feedback

-distance_intervall, distance setting used for how often the voice coach give feedback



The application registers information about the device´s

-Language, in order to show the correct language when using the application

-Time zone, in order to show the correct time and date

-Markers for the privacy policy, age and newsletter


You can read more about how Facebook process personal data in their privacy policy, which can be read at the following link


Except for the above mentioned, the application also processes your data that you enter into our system when you use it, such as creation and participation in Events and Exercise Activities in the Application, as well as updating profile information.


When you perform activities in the Application, you also save information about duration, distance, speed, date, time, and number of steps. The information you provide in the Application is processed and fed back to you, such as processing distance and time to allow feedback at a certain speed or pace per kilometer.


Location information is also processed in the Application to show where you have performed your activities. We also store location information that can be shared in real time with other users, so they can track your progress on a map or compare distance with you. You decide if you want to share your results and other tasks with other users.

What personal data is collected automatically when using the Application?

When you use the Application, it automatically collects information about you. It is the type of mobile device that you are using, the device’s unique recognition characters that are used to send and receive push messages (if approved) in order to be able to share activities and events in the Application, device’s IP address, your mobile operating system, type of mobile browser, and how to uses the Application and the Site.


When you visit the Application, we use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine your current position in order to estimate distance, duration, and speed for you during and after an activity.

How can you stop leaving information?

You can easily stop all information processing and collection by deleting your user account and uninstalling the Application. You can uninstall in normal way through your mobile device or via the mobile application’s marketplace or network. You can also send a request by e-mail to our data protection officer at dso@palsinmotion.comif you have any questions regarding this.

Personal data processing on children

We do not use the Application or Site to collect personal data from or direct advertisements to children under the age of 16. If a parent or guardian finds that his or her child has provided information to us without their consent, he or she should contact our data protection officer at the e-mail address We will remove the information within a reasonable time.

Based on which legal grounds do we process personal data about you?

We process personal information about you when you give us your explicit consent or when it is necessary to provide you with the application, ie. upon conclusion and fulfillment of an agreement with you. We only process your personal information about you for the purposes expressly mentioned in this policy.


Before you start using the Application, you will be given the opportunity to consent to our processing of your personal information. The consent refers to processing data about the device’s IP address, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile browser that you are using.


When you visit the Application, we use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine your current position in order to determine distance, duration, and speed for you during and after an activity, shared with others using the application. You will be given the opportunity to consent to such processing of your information before collecting information about this. You may refuse such processing of your personal information, but it means that you will not be able to use the Application as intended. You are also entitled to withdraw your consent as previously provided.


We send newsletter, product information, other products and services from CalTec and promotions using your name and e-mailaddress provided at account registration or user settings of the application. You are given the opportunity to leave your consent before we use your information. You are entitled to oppose such treatment.


You may at any time withdraw a consent you have previously given. To do this, go to Settings and select Application on your mobile device or under My Profile inside the application.

Fulfillment of agreement

A prerequisite for registering an account and using the Application is that you enter information about login name, password and email address. Your provision of these personal data is a contractual requirement that is necessary for you to use the Application. Without the requested information it is not possible for us to provide our services to you.

How long do we process your personal information?

We process your personal information for the time you use the Application and have a registered account for a maximum of one year after you last logged in and used the Application.
After one year we will send you a reminding e-mail that your account and all personal information will be permanently deleted. After one year + 7 days a second reminding e-mail is sent. After one year+14 days your personal information is permanently deleted from our system and 14 days after it is also deleted from any backups.


You can at any time delete activities with corresponding information including participation in other events and activities. The information will be deleted and 14 days after deletion also removed from any backups.


You can at any time delete the user account that will delete all events, activities and participation in activities will be removed at once in the system. 14 days later it will be deleted from any backups.

When do we share your information?

We do not donate, sell, pledge or rent your personal information to third parties. Nor do we transfer your data to third countries.
We do not share your information with third parties without your express consent or otherwise than described in this policy.


Your personal information is shared with our service providers, such as Application Developer and Website Server. Service providers have taken reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information, and have agreed to comply with the policies of this privacy policy.


We may, in specific cases, disclose your information if it is necessary to monitor, determine or enforce legal claims. This may happen, for example, if there is reason to believe that the information is necessary to identify, contact or prosecute anyone who may have infringed the Web site and / or the Application, violated our End User License Agreement (EULA) or otherwise infringed or infringe on CaITec’s rights or property.


The disclosure of your information can also be done if required by law or if it is necessary for us to comply with our statutory or contractual obligations.


If CalTec participates in a merger, acquisition or sale of all or part of its assets, you will be notified by email and / or a clear notice on our website of any changes concerning the possession or use of this information as well as your possible choices regarding the information.


It is important for us to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data we process about you. The security measures we have taken have been based on the technical possibilities available, the cost of the actions, the risks, and the sensitivity of the processed data. We therefore use physical, electronic and process-specific security mechanisms to protect information we process and store. For example, we have introduced storage minimization procedures.
For example, the information is only available to authorized employees and suppliers who must know the information to run, develop or improve the Application.


Be aware, though, that we are striving to reasonably protect the information we process and store, but that no security system can prevent all potential security violations.

Your rights

According to the Data Protection Protection Regulations (GDPR), you have as data subject several rights. We have appointed a data protection officer which you can contact if you have any questions about our processing of your personal data or if you want to exercise your rights. You can do this by contacting the data protection officer at


CaITec may take protective and security measures to ensure that you are the one you represent to be. If you can not show your identity credibly, CaITec may refuse to respond to your request. Below you can read about the rights you have and what the rights mean.


CaITec may choose to charge a reasonable fee to cover the administrative costs of providing that information or taking the requested action. However, this applies only to requests that are manifestly unfounded or unreasonable.

Access to personal data

You are entitled to request access to the personal information we process about you. This right is also known as the right to registry extracts and means that you will receive a compiled document containing the personal data we process about you.
You can request to collect all information we have stored about you by sending a request to our data protection officer at We respond within a reasonable time. You may also export all user information from within the Application.

Correction and deletion

If you believe your personal information is incorrect, you are entitled to request rectification, completion or deletion of the data in question. Depending on which personal data is deleted, CaITec may not provide certain services to you.
If you would like us to remove any information you have provided through the Application, make the desired actions in the application. If you cannot correct your personal information please contact our data protection officer at dso@palsinmotion.comand we will respond within a reasonable time. However, keep in mind that some or all of the information provided by you as a user may be necessary for the Application to work properly.

Data portability

You may, under certain circumstances, be entitled to receive the information we process about you in a generally written, machine-readable and structured format. This right applies only to the personal information that you have provided to us and which are processed on the basis of the legal basis of consent or conclusion / fulfillment of the agreement.


You are able to export your user information in a comma separated format in the Application.

Limitation of treatment

You are entitled to limitation of your personal information. By limitation, it is meant that the data is marked so that in the future they can only be processed for certain limited purposes. Depending on which or any personal information is limited, CaITec may not be able to provide our services to you depending on what limitation you request.

Right to object

The right of objection is valid when the personal data controller processes personal data to perform a processing of public interest, as part of the exercise of authority or after a balance of interest. CaITeC does not process your personal data with any of these legal grounds. This means that, for this reason, you can not object to our processing of your personal data.

Right to file a complaint

If you believe that we are processing your personal information incorrectly, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Data Inspection, see


This privacy policy can be updated for various reasons. We will notify you of any changes to the Privacy Policy by publishing the new Privacy Policy at Privacy Policy. You will also be informed of changes in the policy by email if possible.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our routines, please contact our data protection officer by email at



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